We are independesk!

We are revolutionizing the working world. Because we offer Germany THE alternative to the home office.

The founders of Independesk: Karsten and Erik

Our Team

Currently, our team consists of the visionary founders, Erik and Karsten. On site, the two are supported in sales and customer service by Daniel and Patrick. Charlott and Francesco are taking of marketing and organization. Markus, Rasto and Martin are responsible for the technology. Stefan helps with the business development, Jörg with finances. And Stefanie is the key to a strong network. Together we are creating something significant.

Would you like to become a part of this enterprise and help driving the “New Work” revolution forward? Then send us a proactive application or apply directly for one of our vacancies.

Revolution of the working world

Independesk can also be an alternative to the far-away workplace in your own company. Because let’s be honest: the endless commute to the office is the biggest waste of time in our lives. By now, there is already the hardware and the software to make it possible to work remotely from anywhere.

Work more productively

We think it’s important to work in a productive and professional environment. And because a desk in the bedroom is just as unproductive as working at the kitchen table, we have developed an app, a digital platform, that will allow everyone in the future to find a productive workplace near them.

Less commuting, less CO2

Whether you are a student, an employee, a company director or a freelancer, anyone can become a part of independesk’s professional sharing community. We abolish commuting, relieve the inner cities and save lots of CO2. It is time to finally rethink the way we work and adapt the working world to the future.