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We have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you.

Frequent questions from tenants

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions when it comes to renting spaces at independesk.

Which information is needed to create an account?

To create your account you are only asked for your complete name and your email address. To complete a booking you will also need to enter a payment method (credit card).

How much does a desk cost per hour?
The space providers set the prices independently. Basically, the price depends on the location and the facilities, so it is worthwhile to compare the prices. With us you will find everything – from a vital café to an ergonomic workplace in a single office.
What kind of amenities do the spaces offer?
The spaces are listing their amenities in their sapce profil. They range from kitchen use to air conditioning. And some offer even a childcare or tolerate animals. Please check the “Find Workspace” page to learn more about the amenities.
Can I book a desk for today?

We ask for it. Independesk offers you the highest flexibility when booking your desk. Starting immediately, you can book your workplace every 15 minutes.

How long in advance can I book a desk?
Desks can be booked up to one month in advance.
Is there a minimum booking time?
Yes, the minimum booking time is 2 hours.
How can I pay for my bookings?
You dont need to pay manually for the bookings. Once you have registered, you can enter your credit card details and all your bookings will be charged automatically on it, right after the booking time has ended. Please be aware that the booking amount will be first blocked on the credit card at the beginning of the booking and effectively charged at the end of it.
Will I receive an invoice for my booking?
Yes, you can download the invoices of each of your bookings in your “Dashboard”.
Can I book a desk for someone else?
No, that is not possible. But you could book a meeting room for several people. If you are planning on paying for someone else constantly, you could expand your Account into a “Company Account” and provide your “Employees” with a monthly budget.
Is there a way for my employer to pay for my bookings?
Yes, no problem. Your employer just needs to create a “Company Account”. Then he can provide his employees with a monthly budget. For more information please click on our company page.
What happens when my booking time ends? Can I extend it?
At the end of your stay, we will give you the option to spontaniously extend your booking – in case there is still a free desk available and the space is open. The extra time will be charged with the same hourly rate as the original booking.
How can I cancel my bookings?
You can cancel your selected booking in your dashboard. A free cancellation is possible up to 2 hours upfront. After that, the first two hours of your stay will be charged.
Can I bring my dog?
Yes, if the Space is showing the “animals welcome” icon in their profil. If this is not the case, you could still reach out to the company and ask.
What can I do if there are no spaces nearby?
Please inform us (, in case there are no spaces available in your neighbourhood. We will then try to reach out to the local company and introduce our concept. And you could also reach out to the companies you might know and tell them about us. They would start right away with a regular guest.

Frequently asked questions from space owners

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions when it comes to sharing spaces at independesk.

How can I offer my space?
Once you have registred yourself, you can start to create a profil for your Space. In case you have questions, we recommend you to watch our Example Video in which we show all the required steps. In case of further questions, feel free to reach out to our service team (
Who can take part?
Technically every company can sign up. We just dont accept private Spaces. Next to offices and coworking spaces, hotels, eventlocations, restaurants and cafés can register. We only want our users to be provided with a chair, a desk and access to Wifi and a plug-in. And of course, a clean and working lavatory.
What are my advantages?
  1. We offer a direct increase in your online and offline reach through our marketing and press work.
  2. You can get a higher utilization of your existing infrastructure – and make an extra income.
  3. We extend your community by flexible users (eg. travelers, freelancers) that need a desk to work in the short term and regionally.
What payment methods are there?

Our payment processor for space providers is Stripe. You will be required to open an Express Stripe-Account to offer a space. Our service team will guide you through this process in case you need support. And we also have an explain video.

What are the minimum requirements for a space

We carefully review all registrations and make sure all information is correct.

Our minimum requirements for a Space are:

  • On-site contact person
  • Photo of the work space
  • Clean workspace
  • Access to electrical outlets
  • Sufficient light source
  • High-speed internet access (min. vdsl50 with 50MBit)

We do not allow registrations from: Living rooms and unfurnished rooms.

Recommendations for offering and booking of workspaces in Corona times

Of course, it is your responsibility if and what space you offer or use yourself. The following recommendations can help reduce health risks:

  1. Observe higher-level, regional and local official recommendations and guidelines, especially regarding prevention, protection and hygiene: Corona regulations in the federal states.
  2. Avoid public transportation (as much as possible). Use your car or switch to your bike. Let’s take advantage of coworking in your neighborhood to contribute to climate protection together, this is especially close to our hearts at independesk.
  3. Users should ask their spaces what they do to protect them from Corona, if it is not already listed on the website.
  4. Spaces please pay careful attention to all necessary protection measures including hygiene compliance (disinfectants, cleaning, etc.).
  5. Spaces please advise members of any special rules of conduct that apply to the Space in connection with the Corona crisis

Follow the AHA formula:

  1. Keep your distance (e.g., refrain from shaking hands).
  2. Observe hygiene (regular hand washing, disinfection of shared work equipment)
  3. Wear everyday mask

Stay home when you are sick and heal up first! Check regularly for updates on regulatory requirements. You can find further recommendations and guidelines on the following external pages of the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Center for Health Education and the Federal Ministry of Health.

Can I decide to close my space on certain days?

Of course, you are in control of all your bookings and availabilities. You can decide the days, times and numbers of tables available. Specific days can be changed afterwards as well. And you can cancel all existing bookings up to 48 hours upfront in case you need to close your space.

Can I cancel a booking if my space is not available anymore?

Yes, you can cancel any booking for free through your dashboard.

Can I mark somehow that I am part of the independesk community and am offering a space?

Yes, once a space (for now in Berlin) has been published, we are trying to provide them with a welcome package, which contains all the needed signage to brand your space and enhance your hosting experience.

How much can I charge for my desk and my meeting room?

The choice of the price is up to you. We are asking for a daily rate (8h), which will be the basis price of calculation for the hourly bookings.

We recommand for a desk, depending on its location and amenities, a price of 20 to 30€ per day (2,5-3,75 € per hour). For the meeting rooms, we recommand you to charge more, starting by about 120€ per day (15€ perhour), depending on its size and equipment.

Are there any costs for listing a desk?

No, the general usage of our app is free. The listing of a space on independesk is free of charge. Once a booking at your space has been succesfully completed, and you have made some income, thats when we are asking for a comission of 20%.

How much can I gain by offering a desk through independesk?

It really depends on many factors, especially location and reachability. We can only recommand you to present your space in the best way possible. Feel free to reach out to us in case you need support with that.

Are there any hidden costs?

No hidden costs. We are subtracting our commission fee from the payments of the users. The rest is all yours. No additional fees to be accounted.

What is the comission that independesk is charging for its service?

Independesk will retain 20% of the price the users has payed for its desk.

Company account

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions when it comes to our company accounts for employees.

What is a company account?

A Company Account is an extension of the Standard Accounts. Additional options are activated with which your employees can be invited and managed. These can then be provided with a specific limited or unlimited budget for booking.

How can I register for a company account?

You should go through the same registration process as for the standard accounts. Afterwards, you will be able to select the option “Convert to Company Account” in the profile menu.

Can I centrally manage all the accounts of our employees?
Yes, each invited employee that completes his profile can be managed through the admin account. So far there is no limit on the number of employees.
What are the accepted payment methods?
At the moment we only allow payment by credit card. In the future, other payment options will be added.
Can each employee have different booking limits/credit?
Yes, each employee can be provided with an individual budget. As with standard accounts, only the time actually used is billed. The sum of the budget is only a limit to be able to control the costs. If this limit would be exceeded, a booking is not possible. A possible remaining amount will be ignored. No credit is built up and nothing is charged for the remaining amount. At the beginning of the month, the entire amount set in advance is available again.
How is the accounting of all the bookings made?
All successful bookings of the employees are listed chronologically and separately in the dashboard. An invoice is automatically created for each individual booking. The invoices can be downloaded in pdf format either individually or bundled by month.
Can one employee use his profile both for personal and business bookings?
No. An employee account does not have the option to specify other payment methods. For this reason, each booking is charged directly to the company account.
Where does the invoice go?
The invoices of the employees are listed in the menu under the item “Booking”. Bookings made by the user can still be found in the dashboard, as with the standard accounts.
What data does my employer see/get?
The admin sees the full name and e-mail address of the employee. The stored photo is also displayed to him. In the booking history, the booking with the associated invoice is only displayed AFTER successful completion.